Why us?

India is land of colors and one of the pioneer countries in high quality handmade textile production. Even after taking a big hit due to colonization our artisans and their family have strived to keep the heirloom craft alive and we just play a small role in helping them carry on with this so that the new  generation of the family stay enthusiastic and find value in continuing the heirloom craft.

We work with artisans in almost every region of India and are capable of catering to wholesale order for the best quality handmade products for minimum order quantity to large scale orders.

Products and Capacity

Our popular wholesale products are quilts, and bags, but we have also worked with production of men's shirts and women's tops with brand tags added to the products. We have our warehouse and quality control team in Mumbai, where we have just launched our Indian Brand MAATIPREM  (@maatiprem/www.maatiprem.com).This helps us to deliver the order with utmost confidence and assurance for quality and accuracy.

Pricing and Quality

Our pricing and quality is meticulously strived to keep most competitive in the entire North America so that we can keep the heirloom craft and the handmade product culture alive. Please feel free to chat or email us at info@indianidhi.com/whatsapp +17786825674

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Check out this link to see one of our project with a local brand in Vancouver,Canada.